The field of visual culture is the interdisciplinary study of images across diverse media (such as photography, television, and film), new media (such as the Web and digital imaging), architecture, design, and art (including traditional media such as painting and sculpture as well as new multimedia art forms) across a range of social arenas, including news, art, science, advertising, and popular culture. It emphasizes the role of visual media in everyday life and the importance of visual media in the dissemination of ideas in the public sphere. By means of cross-cultural, cross-platform and cross-temporal comparison, visual culture endeavors to create critical approaches to the convergence of war, economy, religion, the environment, technology, and other issues in globalized visual media.

Since its beginnings in the early 1990s, visual culture has become a global field of critical practice with degree courses and publications across five continents and in many languages.

Now! Visual Culture at New York University is cross-disciplinary, cross-school, and cross-department, with a broad range of faculty and students exploring visual culture through diverse strategies and approaches.

This site is hosted by Nick Mirzoeff via the NYU Steinhardt Department of Media, Culture, and Communication.