Friday, February 8, 2013

Venue: Hemerdinger Hall, Silver Center, NYU (this is a large space that will allow for break-outs if we want to do that)

9.30 AM   Coffee

10 – 10.30 AM  A Report-back from Observatorio Metropolitano, a militant research organization from Madrid, who have been investigating the spectacular growth and subsequent crash of their city since 2006.
Isidro Lopez (Observatorio Metropolitano, Madrid)

10.30 AM   12.30 PM  “In and Beyond Visible Crisis: West Coast Perspectives”
We will hear report-backs from a set of projects from California ranging from drone warfare, to feminist spaces, art and anarchism, housing activism in LA, critical theory and popular education, and the collective story of those in poverty. Different projects are working in social media, as apps, online, using film and in alternative education.
Participants: Natalie Bookchin (Film, Cal Arts), Alexandra Juhasz (Filmmaker/Media Studies, Pitzer College), Kara Keeling (Cinema Studies, USC) and Lisa Parks (Film and TV, USCB).

12.30 – 1.30 PM   Lunch

1.30  3.30 PM  The Debtor’s Movement in New York
We’ll have a video, slide-show and oral presentations on the debtor’s movement in New York. Participants will talk about their own experience with debt and how debt offers a framework for analysis across academic, economic and political divides. There will be breakouts to work on developing this analysis in small groups.
A workshop led by Amin Husain (International Center for Photography/Tidal: Occupy Theory), Yates McKee (Stony Brook University/Tidal), Nitasha Dillon (International Center for Photography/ Tidal), Andrew Ross (Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU), Joan Saab (Visual and Cultural Studies/U. Rochester)

3.30  4.00 PM   Break

4.00  5.00 PM  Concluding Assembly
In the final assembly, we will discuss how to create a network of these and other militant research projects. People can create workgroups and we will write a collective agenda going forward.
Organizing and Research Workshop led by Nicholas Mirzoeff (Media, Culture and Communication, NYU) and Marina Sitrin (Center for Global Justice, CUNY Grad Center)

5.00 PM   Reception